Buyer Agents Work for Free!!

No not really.

Buyer Agents do not work for free. But the system is set up for Buyer Agent commission to be built into the purchase price.

Here is how it works. The Seller hires an agent to list their property for sale. It is this agent's responsibility to act in the best interests of the Seller.

As part of the agreement between the List Agent and the Seller the two parties will agree what to offer as a co-broke percentage to offer other agents to introduce the property to their clients.

For example if the Seller hires the list agent at a 6% commission the co-broke offering might be 3%.

So if I bring my buyer to that listing I will represent the Buyer but earn a 3% commission paid by the Listing Agent who is paid by the Seller.

Therefore as a Buyer Agent my commission is typically already built into the purchase price of the property and not an additional cost for the Buyer.

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