Cash For Your Property

Good news you just got a letter in the mail from an investor that is willing to pay you cash for your property.

All cash, close whenever you want, no brokerage fees and the buyer will pay your closing costs.

If you own an investment type of property you might get several letters like this every month.

Just beware if the buyer is giving you every possible term you could want they are probably skimping out on the one term that matters most.... PRICE.

Chances are the cash offer they present you will be much lower than the actual market value of the property.

Recently I sold a home for a client who had received a cash offer for his property of $385,000. He was very happy and ready to accept. Fortunately he called me first, hired me and the property actually sold for $645,000.

So my Seller client paid my commission and still cleared $227,750 above that original cash offer.

My suggestion is to protect yourself and make sure you understand the value of your property.

If the property is in South Boston or the Boston area call me and I will give you a no obligation analysis of the property. I will give you my honest opinion of what the property would sell for in the open market.

Whether you hire me or not at least your decision will be better informed backed up by the most recent and relevant market data.

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