Getting Ready to Sell. Which Renovations Matter.

I am frequently asked by people thinking of selling which renovations should be considered.

Right now we are in a strong Seller's market so I am very conservative on this topic. I do not like my Seller's to spend large sums of money on renovations for the next owner.

Why spend $15,000 on a new bathroom renovation if all you get back at the sale is $15,000? This premise doesn't make any sense to me especially when you consider the nuisance a large renovation represents for the typical homeowner.

If you spend $1 on the renovation I would like you to get $2 back!!

Basic up keep that you may have been putting off is worth your time and money. For instance

  • Touch up paint the molding around the doors and windows

  • Clean all the windows

  • Polish the floors or have the carpets cleaned

  • Get rid of any furniture you do not need

  • Take down personal pictures

  • Hide the kid's toys

  • Find a new home for your pet's toys and supplies

  • Clean up the yard and sweep the sidewalk

  • Smells matter... baked cookies smells are good wet dog smells not so much

  • Consider new plants or fresh flowers

  • Clean and clear all the surfaces like the kitchen counter and bathroom vanities.

  • Consider bringing in a professional cleaning service before you start showing the place

  • Organize the closets

The questions about where to spend money as you are getting ready to sell is property specific and seller specific.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to help you come up with a renovation strategy that aligns with your overall goals to sell your property.

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