Make Sure You Review Your Condo Docs Before You Buy

Condo docs consist of the Master Deed, Condo Trust, Unit Deed and Condo Budget

Once recorded condos docs are public record and can be found in the Registry of Deeds for the County where the property is located.

Boston is located in Suffolk County. Visit to pull condo docs and property deeds among other recordable instruments.

The Master Deed describes the condo association overall. The Trust will dictate how the condo association operates. Rules and Bylaws. The unit Deed will describe each individual unit with the condo association and identify the legal owner of the condo.

The condo budget is not recorded but is an important item for a condo buyer to review and understand as part of the buying process. A buyer may also want to review the condo association bank statement to show any funds currently held by the condo association.

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