Need an Apartment for Sept 1st?

It is ok to start a lease Sept 1st. You might want to start your search as early as May.

The South Boston rental market is geared towards 9/1 starts. This is true for all of Boston.

You will see more listings but the competition for those listings becomes much more intense. So you most likely will pay more.

And logistically moving Sept 1st is challenging to book a moving truck and to get movers.

So it might make your life a little easier if you can start a lease before or after 9/1.

This post is about the NYC rental market but I see the same trends in Boston.

I would also suggest that when the search begins in earnest you have an introduction package ready to hand the landlord or real estate agent.

Completed rental applications for each of you (see attached), a current credit report for each of you (you can get this for free. Check out, recent pay stubs and a picture of each applicants drivers' lic.

If one of you has "credit issues" you should have a letter explaining why.

If you have limited credit history an introductory letter saying why would also be good. In this case I would encourage you to include your resumes showing which college you graduated.

If you plan on having someone co-sign I would have the co-signor complete an application and have their credit info handy. I would not offer this up to quickly however. Try to sign a lease without a co-signor.

Once you find a good place you will want to be able move fast and lock it down. GOOD APARTMENTS MOVE QUICKLY.

If you find the place through a real estate agent you should expect to pay a fee equal to one month's rent.

Most landlords will want either first and last or first and security deposit. Some will want all three.

When you place an application also be prepared with a check equal to first month's rent and the balance when the lease docs are signed.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.


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