Trust but Verify

I was reminded this morning of how "Trust but Verify" applies in buying a new home.

The agent told you the place is 1,200 square feet or maybe that is the number on the posting online.

Quite possibly you can trust this info but you need to verify. A tape measure is great to have handy when you are in serious house hunting mode. Don't be shy... go and measure out the rooms.

When measuring the living area for a condo it is from the walls in. For a single family it is around the perimeter.

For condos the accurate living area will be in the condo docs. For condos, single or multi fams you can find it on the tax bill.

In Boston you can pull the tax bill on line at at The tax bill will have the living area of the property and lots of other useful info like lot size and room count. Often there are discrepancies which can be explained but you want to understand any differences between the Seller statements and city records.

This is relevant for all of the details of the property you are buying. How old is the roof? How old is the furnace? Where is the property line? The list goes on and a smart buyer will verify information provided by the Seller.

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