What Happens at the Home Inspection

The offer has been signed so your next step is the home inspection.

First of all, in this busy market the buyer should schedule the inspection as quickly as possible.

Home inspectors book quickly and can often be tough to get. Keep in mind the inspection might reveal something neither the Buyer or Seller expect. It is best to discover any surprise sooner rather than later so each side can respond appropriately.

Depending on the inspector and the property inspections typically take about 90 minutes. I have seen them done under an hour and had marathons inspections that ran for 5 hours +.

A licensed home inspector will review the interior and exterior of the property all of the systems and components of the property. See Home Inspection Facts for Consumers.

Buyers should attend the inspection. This is an opportunity to gain an understanding of how your new property operates. Where are the circuit breakers, water shut off, gas shut off, etc? What are the maintenance issues? This is your education to learn how to properly maintain your new home and investment. Buyers need to PAY ATTENTION TO THE HOME INSPECTOR. Follow the inspector through the house and ask questions.

Buyers should also be present to see for themselves any defects or repair issues so they can judge for themselves.

Buyers are welcome to bring along trusted advisors to help evaluate the property overall.

But just do not forget the objective is to gain an understanding of the property.

Seller’s should not attend.

Seller’s simply provide uninterrupted access to the property for the Buyer and inspector.

I try to attend every home inspection whether I represent the Buyer or the Seller.

Perhaps my most important role is to work to make sure everything is accessible. The inspector might need to get access to a neighbor’s property to access the mechanical room or access the roof. Often a question comes up on inspection that can be solved by a quick call to the property owner or tenant.

In any event after the inspection I want to be able to discuss with my client appropriate next steps.


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