Wondering What You Should Offer???

In a difficult market for Buyer's I often remind my clients to look at each opportunity individually. Every property does not get multiple bids. Some do, some do not.

Do your homework so you understand market pricing and you will be able to make a good decision when the right place goes on the market.

Here is some great advice from Leonard Steinberg of Compass

"Bid the number that you can manage and afford. A comfortable number? There is no such thing as a comfortable number when you are spending more than you want to. Bid the number that should your bid not be selected, you have ZERO regrets the day after. If you do not 'win' know that this is just real estate, not a serious illness, and there will always be other homes to buy. If you are fearful about over-bidding, remember if multiple parties want to buy it now, there must be something wonderful about the property and chances are multiple people will want to bid on it when you sell. If there are multiple bids because you are in a 'hot market' its more than likely the market is escalating, the property was under-priced and the market under-supplied."

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