Writing an Offer.... Keyword is "writing"

You have identified the right property and now you want to make an offer. I use standard forms from the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. Click here for an offer packet. Verbal offers and agreements are a bad idea. In real estate it doesn't count until it is written down and both parties sign. A complete offer should include an agency disclosure, offer sheet, any addenda, home inspection facts for consumers, buyer pre approval, buyer introduction letter and check payable to the listing office. The agency disclosure tells you who the agent writing the offer is representing. You should know who each agent is representing in the transaction. The offer sheet will state the price you are offering, deposits you are willing to make to bind the offer (typically $1,000) proposed dates for the p and s and closing. Unless written into the offer sheet the addendum will contain any contingencies such as inspections, financing, condo doc review or a sale contingencies. Contingencies protect the buyer and should be carefully considered when structuring the offer. Often they are unique to a property. For example a specific requirement for the Seller to include the dining room table. As the buyer you do not have to include a pre approval or introductory letter. However 1st impressions count so I would recommend at the very least a pre approval be included. Home Inspection Facts for Consumers is a state required form and is informational. Finally as a buyer of a property built before 1978 look for the Property Transfer Notification form. More commonly know as the lead paint form. You should know and understand your responsibilities regarding lead paint.

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